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"Have tools, will travel in minds & hearts...

Senatvm is a very talented group, working on government relations, public affairs and politics in Turkey and abroad since 2013. Our integrated policy, politics and communications consultancy is trusted by some of the highest profile organisations and individuals since then.

In 2019, Senatvm started to being reorganized by Refik ISIK who is highly experienced in legislative sciences and policy making in Ankara. Now our strongly expanding group is working on strategic communication, public and government affairs projects deeply and harmonically.

Senatvm officially activated its digital social dynamics department after recruiting key personnel who have experiences and skills in public relations and new technologies.

While participating in International economical affairs, trade deals, diplomatic meetings, we have deeply impacted social, economical and political dynamics.

We've been forged by numerous crisis and threats in politics and policy making procedures back in time so we can easily track and terminate potential threats right now.

We worked on hearts and minds of the nations, communities and individuals. We really enjoy while acting a notable roles in transformation of human behaviours.

We are one of the pioneers in integrated communications campaign professionals focused on politics and policy making. Since we started to study and work on technologies and data based social sciences, we effectively expanding and deepining our areas of expertise in political affairs and human behaviours as well.

It's a hard job.
But someone has to do it...

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