SENATVM is a fully integrated strategic communications consultancy group; expertised in politics, policy and public affairs in Turkiye and abroad.
We help partners to make an impact on the debates, on the decisions and on the bottom line.
We are providing insight and influence in all environments. Across a wide variety of issues, from government affairs to public decision making, our professionals work on government and public affairs every day of the year in order to policies and regulations are negotiated effectively.


We are a dynamic team of consultants and experts in the fields of Political History, Legislative Sciences, Parliamentary Law, Administrative Law, Economics, Social Psychology, Security and Defense. Our team members are highly experienced in Turkish Parliament, government and state positions as well.

With academic knowledge and on-site working experience; we have designed and managed communication programs and policy principles. You can see our footprints in politics, public decisions, laws, regulations, parliament sessions, public meetings, political party congress and all kind of media.
Tailor-made special communication operations

If you have an interest to being understood, a message to being distributed or any other special communication needs in public and government affairs; SENATVM can provide and offer a solution.
Case Studies and References

Available upon request.

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